Armstrong Ceilings, ceiling ID, mobile phone appIdentifying and replacing damaged ceiling panels is now easier than ever for building owners and facility managers thanks to the introduction of a new Ceiling I.D. phone app from Armstrong Ceiling Systems.

Water leaks, condensation in the plenum, new lighting installations, or moving walls and cubicles to adapt to new work space configurations, can all cause damage to ceilings. Stained or damaged ceiling panels detract from the appearance of a facility and can leave a negative impression on occupants and visitors. Yet, often these damaged ceiling panels don’t get replaced because facility managers aren’t sure what type of ceiling they have or where to find panels that match.

The new Armstrong Ceiling I.D. app, which is free and can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store, provides a solution. Using the app, facility managers simply photograph their existing ceiling. The photo links to an email to Armstrong TechLine experts who will help identify the ceiling and find the best replacement panel match – all within one business day.

Once the ceiling is identified, facility managers can type their zip code into the app and be provided with a list of local sources that carry the replacement panels.

No More Guesswork

“The Ceiling I.D. phone app takes the guesswork out of the replacement ceiling process and quickly provides the information needed to replace any broken or stained ceilings that may be detracting from the appearance of a facility,” says facility manager Daniel Farrell of Johnson Controls. “I found it to be user-friendly and quite helpful. As a facility manager, there are many occasions when quickly knowing the exact tile in a space will save time and money.”

The new Ceiling I.D. phone app also links facility managers directly to the Armstrong replacement ceilings website where they can watch a video to learn more about the phone app, find tips on identifying existing ceilings, understand various edge details, and browse the replacement product section on their own.

For more information on replacing ceiling panels in commercial buildings, visit, chat live, or call a U.S.-based TechLine expert at 1-877-276-7876, press 1.