AXYZ International, Panel Builder ibookAXYZ International announces the release of its second iBook, titled, “AXYZ PANELBuilder – The World’s Leading Panel Fabrication System”. The iBook delivers interactive information on AXYZ’s PANELBuilder system, which is designed specifically for the aluminum composite market (ACM) and metal composite market (MCM).

The iBook illustrates the features and benefits of the PANELBuilder system, including machine configuration, tooling, process of material, functionality and software. “The iBook provides customers with insight into how we approach this business. We look at problems from different angles and create solutions that fit our customers’ needs. This iBook shows how the PANELBuilder can work for customers in their businesses,” said Noel Archie, Project Manager at AXYZ International.

An optional application highlighted in the iBook is PANELTracker, which allows customers to follow their panels throughout the manufacturing process using wireless barcode readers. PANELTracker provides live project status as well as project inventory levels. “With PANELTracker, customers will have a better idea of where their panels are in the production cycle. Plus, the system will alert them if a panel needs to be remade,” said Archie.

Along with detailed written information and photos of complete projects, the innovative PANELBuilder iBook contains videos of the PANELBuilder in action, processing ACM & MCM sheets. To download the PANELBuilder iBook, please visit . For more information on PANELBuilder or any of AXYZ International’s other CNC router systems, please visit or call 800.361.3408.