AXYZ International, a global manufacturing leader of CNC router and knife cutting systems, announces its improved ecommerce website, is a one-stop shop providing 24-hour access to and information about thousands of AXYZ’s premium CNC router tooling, parts, software and consumables.

The goal of the redesign is to provide website visitors with more functionality on an easier to use platform. “The new website makes it simpler for customers to navigate through our extensive range of products, with a more user-friendly search function and product page,” said Josh Hooley, Digital Marketing Specialist for AXYZ International. Additional videos and content were added to to give a breadth of information about the supplies customers are interested in purchasing.

Two additional changes are coming to the website. The first is a live chat function, which will be available in the next few months. “Rather than picking up the phone or sending an email, customers will be able to get instant responses via the website from our technical experts,” said Hooley. For example, AXYZ may offer a variety of tools on to cut a certain material. “Live chat gives customers a quick way of asking our technical support which tool is the best for the job. This ensures they buy the right tool the first time around.”

Also, AXYZ is introducing a loyalty program on This rewards program is points-based, where customers receive a certain number of points based on their purchases. After they have accumulated a specified number, they will receive a credit for use on a future purchase. “The more customers buy, the more they earn. It’s a way for us to give back to our loyal customers,” said Hooley. Look for information on AXYZ’s loyalty program coming soon on the website.

Current promotions and sales are more visible on the enhanced website. Additionally, provides information on AXYZ’s annual service, training and support packages to meet every budget. Visit to view the most comprehensive and competitively priced choices in CNC router tooling, parts, software and consumables.