Cascade Manufacturing Co., located in Cascade, Iowa, announces the opening of a cold-formed steel truss production facility in Tyler, Texas. Cold-formed steel trusses are used primarily in commercial construction when non-combustible design and materials are required.

“The economy continues to recover and with it we are experiencing an increase in the interest and use of cold-formed steel for new construction projects,” cites Tim Noonan, Commercial Division Manager at Cascade. “The second location allows us to be closer to a growing customer base in southern markets and create additional production capacity in our Cascade facility.”

Industry veteran Emmett Koen will lead Cascade Mfg Co’s sales and marketing efforts in support of the new production site. Emmett can be reached at (563) 587-9889 or

The Tyler facility will be operational in the first quarter of 2015. Cascade Mfg Co has a successful 50 year history in the design and fabrication of wood components in addition to fabricating cold-formed steel trusses since 1998.