coverCENTRIA recently released a
new brochure educating
contractors on the extensive construction services the company provides at every stage of a project.

“CENTRIA’s ongoing commitment to providing architects with the most innovative thinking and products in the market is well-documented in the industry,” said Tom Maier, vice president of sales at CENTRIA. “However, our extremely knowledgeable team of engineers, project managers, product specialists and sales professionals offer the same level of service and expertise to general contractors.”

The brochure specifically highlights the internal teams at CENTRIA that any general contractor can rely on for assistance during any phase of a building project. These teams include CENTRIA’s consultative sales force, its innovative design and development team and its elite Dealer Network.

“Each of these teams brings a unique skill set and suite of services to the contractor, added Maier. “Specifically, these teams can collaborate with the contractor to work within the architect’s specification, while at the same time staying within the project’s budget and timeline. It’s a delicate balance, but CENTRIA’s experienced team of professionals does it every day.”

For more information on CENTRIA’s commitment to contractors call (800) 759-7474 or visit