Verona, Wis.-based Coated Metals Group (CMG) opened a new facility to serve the Denver area in Lakewood, Colo. The new building is 60% larger than the company’s previous Colorado location. CMG will be able to maintain higher stock volumes, more robust product lines, more floor plan efficiency and accessibility for customers.

Mike Woodward, general manager at CMG, said, “This new facility will much improve our operating efficiency, decrease our lead times, and allow us to stock a full complement of our product line.”

Sean Frye, vice president of sales at the Lakewood location, said, “We are all very excited about CMG-Denver’s new office and warehouse. The increased footprint will allow us to provide our customers with the type of service we strive for while reducing lead-times, and increase our product offering. The process has taken quite a bit of time, but it’s worth the wait!”