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Over the past few decades, the increased awareness regarding the benefits and strengths of metal buildings has led to the “barndominium” trend. As with the common brick or wood homes, a metal building home can be completely customized to suit your needs and create your desired end product! Encore Steel Building Co. is happy to assist you in planning your “barndominium” or metal building home.

Externally, buildings for residence vs commercial are much the same, but certain customizations are common to adapt basic metal building plans to residential uses. Some of these common customizations for metal building homes are:
Increase roof pitch
Add overhangs to walls
Add soffit
Straight columns vs. tapered
All flush girts

These customizations are not “necessary” to the structure or integrity of the building. Rather, these generally affect the appearance, or aesthetics, of the building, and may make home-like interior finishing of the building a simpler process. These adaptations can be discussed with our specialist to help you determine if any of these changes are desirable to you in order to reach your end goal.

Steel homes may have higher initial material costs, but usually, have lower erection costs. Investigating the long term accounting for maintenance, insurance, energy retention, etc will give you a much better projected outcome than just looking at the initial package cost. Costs for metal building homes are commonly much lower for insurance and building maintenance, with benefits such as stronger wind strength, and no painting needed.
Steel homes retain greater long term value and have greater durability, with little or no depreciation. Your long-term equity retention should definitely be a consideration when planning your metal building home.

Please call for any custom accessories pricing information you desire – porch, roof extensions, cupolas, gutter, roof vents, framed openings, or any other component you may need.

We offer insulation in different R- Values, please call for further information and to assess all of your options.
Metal Building Home with attached carport and porch