Encore Steel Building Co. offers a wide variety of color choices.

[ The variety of color options for new metal buildings is more extensive than ever! There are several factors that should be considered to make your final selection. ]

Your color choices will make a visual statement about your structure, and can even impact your energy efficiency. You might wish to select colors with contrast to make a bold, artistic statement, or choose varied monochromatic shades to make a classical statement. Lighter vs. darker can give the impression of depth or height to your building. Also consider choosing a lighter, reflective color for your roof if you live in a warm and sunny climate; whereas darker colors will help your energy efficiency in colder climates.

When making your color selections, you should consider your metal selection and your energy effects, as well as considering your desired personality statement, the intended use of your building, the neighborhood or setting you will be building in, and what overall visual impression you desire.

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