Pittsburgh-based Fenestration Solutions Inc. (FSI) announced it is offering Valmont Structures’ Architectural Metal Mesh for covering façades of parking garages, stadiums, botanical gardens, office buildings, health care facilities, condominiums and retail structures. Included in the product offering are image-based façades that can cover an entire building or enhance a walkway and provide a custom-designed-look. Besides providing unique designs, the metal covers also can provide shading, safety, ventilation and privacy.

The durable and flexible coverings are designed to fit underlying structures and are manufactured in a variety of perforated, expanded, wire or welded metal by Valmont Structures, a division of Valmont Industries Inc. in Valley, Neb.

“We’re excited about this new product offering, because we’ve seen a demand for facade covers that create striking designs and give the architects and designers the freedom to augment their vision,” explains Phil Abraham, president at FSI. “Parking garages, for example, can be transformed with these metal coverings into distinctive architectural structures by adding a visual spark to an ordinary facility.”

FSI is an exclusive representative for Valmont Structures in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Michigan.