The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association(MBCEA) was formed in 1968 to serve the needs and support the interests of metal building contractors and erectors. It has 3 main goals:

  • Education: To provide programs and venues that enhance education opportunities for metal building contractors and erectors.
  • Image Enhancement: To develop programs to enhance the image of metal building contractors and erectors, and the metal building industry.
  • Grassroots Support: To develop and maintain programs specifically designed to support and respond to the needs of the grassroots membership of the MBCEA.

The association is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. On May 1, 2019 at the MBCEA Awards Ceremony, David Bergholz of Chief Buildings and C. Tucker Cope Jr of C. Tucker Cope & Associates were formally sworn in as Directors by Keith Wentworth, current MBCEA President. Bergholz and Cope promised to fulfill the duties of providing governance to the organization, representing it to the community, giving full attention to whatever business is presented, and representing the best interests of the organization.

Bergholz has been in the Buildings Division of Chief Industries for 40 years and his experience has taught him the importance of why details matter. With over 25 years in the construction industry, Cope has developed a reputation as an outstanding engineer, employer, business owner, and leader. They will serve a three-year term on the MBCEA Board.

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