The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released a new video featuring the engineering and manufacturing processes used to design and produce metal buildings systems. The six-minute video illustrates how the metal building process works, from design concept to manufacturing, delivery and construction. It also features photos and video of cutting-edge projects to inspire architects, engineers and building owners in their building efforts.

MBMA’s video is presented in an easy-to-understand format and provides viewers with an overview of the steps involved in manufacturing and erecting metal building systems. It highlights the four major stages of a building’s evolution: design, systems engineering, fabrication and construction.

The new video, titled “How It’s Made: Metal Building Innovations Are Revolutionizing Low-Rise Commercial Construction,” is available to view on MBMA’s YouTube

“Today’s metal building systems are virtually indistinguishable from other forms of construction. MBMA member innovations in design and fabrication have paved the way for using metal buildings as a complete building solution, or as the core of a more complex project with high-end finishes like glass, stone and brick. It’s amazing to see what our members have been able to create with metal buildings, and the new video shows how far we’ve come,” says Dan Walker, PE, Associate General Manager of MBMA. “We believe this video will help the public to better understand how they can take advantage of the metal building process.”

Viewers will learn that metal building systems are functional, with custom-engineered steel frames that include metal roofing and wall panels. “They will also come away understanding that the aesthetic possibilities are limitless, and the sustainability attributes are exceptional,” says Walker.