The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has just released two new case study reports. Roofing and Solar looks at standing seam metal roofs and solar arrays for a variety of building applications. Vehicle Sales and Service presents a variety of types of vehicle dealerships and service centers and explores the benefits of using metal building solutions. These two reports are available, free of charge, at

“These studies offer some great real-world examples that will help businesses and builders make better decisions,” notes Tony Bouquot, MBMA’s general manager. “Metal roofing has long been an optimal roofing solution, and it is even more so when you combine it with solar panels. Metal buildings are also very popular with dealerships and service centers of all kinds, and our report explains why.”

The Roofing and Solar case study introduces the reader to the benefits of metal roofs, including their long lifespan, attractiveness and cost effectiveness, among others. The report looks at a number of buildings with metal roofs, highlighting the benefits for each. When solar panels are installed on top of the roof, the benefits of metal roofing become even more apparent. Standing seam metal roofs allow the installation of solar panels without the need to penetrate the roof itself and typically have an expected lifespan that is even longer than the solar panels. This makes for a longer-lasting roof with a watertight barrier.

Vehicle Sales and Service highlights the many benefits of metal buildings for a variety of types of dealership and service centers, including automobile, motorcycle, agricultural equipment, aviation and recreational vehicle facilities. The ability of a metal building system to cost-effectively provide large clearspan spaces and offer flexible layouts makes them ideal for these types of businesses. An automobile dealer, an auto body service center and a motorcycle dealer are profiled in the report.

In addition to the new case studies, MBMA’s website has an array of other useful information about metal buildings and the metal building industry that is free to download, as well as additional manuals and publications for purchase at