The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has compiled case studies of impressive buildings roofed with insulated metal panels (IMPs). Aesthetics, design flexibility, sustainability, ease of installation and energy efficiency are some of advantages of IMP roofing systems. Here are three recent examples:

Sports Arena Gets Top Coverage

Named for local high school football coach Bob Finley, The Finley Center provides a multi-functional space for community sports and fitness as well as convention and entertainment facilities to boost the local economy in Hoover, Alabama.

The project’s modern design called for a dynamic, all-metal façade topped by 99,625 square feet of Metl-Span CFR insulated metal standing seam roof panels in Gallery Blue. The IMPs are constructed from recycled material and deliver a high level of energy efficiency to reduce HVAC costs. And construction was completed in time for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Baseball Tournament, which hosts more than 14 college baseball programs.

Roofing for Robotics

Whether developing highly advanced data server racks for the military or educational toys to inspire the next generation of engineers, Innovation First International is at the forefront of robotics. The design concept for their Greenville, Texas headquarters called for a metal roof system in the form of Metl-Span’s high-performance CFR 42 insulated standing seam panel.

The panels’ sleek 2-inch standing seam provides long, even sightlines, further contributing to the project’s industrial aesthetic. The panels feature an innovative weathertight vertical seam, which saves on installation thanks to fewer side joints. Factory-cut panel ends and factory notching also helped eliminate field work and erection costs.

Helping Electricians Save Electricity

With a growing membership, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) local 1186, in Kahului on the island of Maui, needed a multi-purpose space for offices, training, and various social functions. They wanted to use quality materials, with a design that would allow for expansion.

A pre-engineered structural frame was chosen to ease installation. Kingspan’s KingZip Standing Seam Roof panel’s mechanical seaming process saved on labor costs and ensured superior air and weather tightness. Energy efficiency was optimized by three-inch thick roof panels with a unique joint design for excellent foam-to-foam contact, thus providing an unbroken thermal shield against heat transfer.

“IMP roofs beat competing products on weather-tightness and fire ratings, and they come in a myriad of colors,” summarizes Jeff Irwin, Program Director of MCA’s IMP Funders Group. “There’s not a building project that wouldn’t benefit from Insulated Metal Panel Roofing.”