The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has published a Best Practices Guide for Roof Seaming available on its website at no cost. Found at
, the guide provides an overview of the different types of seaming for metal roofing, a glossary of terms, training guidelines, safety recommendations, pre and post seaming procedures, seaming operations, maintenance advice, and guides to sealants, clips, fasteners, and more.

“Proper seaming is critical to the long term performance of metal roofing and we saw a need to provide a general guide for installers that goes beyond what is provided by manufacturers,” says Scott Kriner, MCA’s Technical Director.

This best practices guide is designed to familiarize personnel with the general knowledge, basic operation, safety, and maintenance procedures followed by standard troubleshooting suggestions for standard roof seaming processes. It is a general guide to be used in conjunction with the material installation guide and the project’s erection drawings.

The Seaming Guide is among more than 25 technical resources for free download on the MCA website covering a wide range of metal construction applications