Metal-Era Inc., recently announced the addition of a weekend shift to their production department which is now operating Monday through Sunday.

With the move to three shifts, Metal-Era hopes to better understand their plant capacity and improve lead times on customer orders. To prepare for this change, Metal-Era is creating a training program for the production team to help them better understand operation to increase their value to Metal-Era and to themselves.

“We have created some aggressive goals this year and our move to three shifts is something we have never tried before. It is a pivotal move and I could not have asked for a better group of individuals to make it work,” says
Nick Mallinger, Metal-Era’s newly-appointed Vice President of Operations.

Nick Mallinger will continue to oversee this change in production. The additional shift and hours took place Monday, March 3, which was one month ahead of schedule. To date, Metal-Era has seen orders completed faster than ever. For more information on Metal-Era, please visit or contact us at