metal-era, hi-perf ridge vent, metal construction news, daily newsMetal-Era, Inc. announced the release of their newly designed
Hi-Perf Ridge Vent Slope to Slope Shingled Version.

Prior to the design change, Hi-Perf Ridge Vent had multiple components that needed to be assembled in the field. With the new design, much of the product will come preassembled, reducing the number of fasteners needed by up to 67 percent and decreasing installation times by up to 50 percent as compared to multi-component products.

“Our Hi-Perf Ridge Vent stands out as one of the best ventilation products in the industry because of its testing, all-metal construction, and superior warranty,” says
Joe Inzeo, Director of Product Development at Metal-Era. “To further improve on the product we wanted to decrease installation time, and the pre-assembled design allows installers to do just that.”

Hi-Perf Ridge Vent provides accurate exhaust airflow at the ridge to help prevent heat buildup and moisture accumulation underneath the roof covering, thereby increasing life of the roof. Metal-Era engineers their ridge vent for maximum performance and calculates NFA requirements for each project’s condition. The Hi-Perf Ridge Vent is backed by the only
Ventilation Warranty in the industry and withstands winds up to 120 mph over 20 years.

The new Hi-Perf Ridge Vent design is available immediately and can be reviewed at To request a quote, call (800) 558-2162 or email