At the third-annual National Women in Roofing (NWiR) Day at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) in Dallas, members of NWiR participated in breakout groups, hands-on installation demos, mentoring from industry experts, and sessions on business development, communications and roofing technology. One of the events was a safety fashion show. Personal protective equipment (PPE) historically has not been designed for women, and bringing awareness to the issue was well received.

Jennifer Stone, co-chair of the board of directors and executive committee at NWiR, said, “We are focused on a purposeful movement highlighting the success of NWiR’s talented women. These women are working daily to transform the roofing industry to be more inclusive and balanced. Every speaker, every story is reflected in the event today, through the words of these women we saw the participants charged with a mission to speak their story with confidence.”

Ellen Thorp, executive director at NWiR, said, “We are seeing a significant movement not just in the roofing industry but in all of the skilled trades and construction related industries towards the inclusion of women and also recognition of the valuable contributions of women to these industries. Not only can women fulfill a need to help the labor shortage, but they also bring unique skills and assets to the organizations in which they work. National Women in Roofing Day is a way to recognize these valuable contributions of women and also to continue in raising the level of professionalism in the roofing industry by providing education.”