The Terrell, Texas division of Nucor Building Systems has demonstrated their awareness and dedication to safety by completing more than 5 million worked hours in 10 years since the last time an employee has had to miss an actual day of work due to an injury.

Nucor Building Systems has established a safety culture with many practices in place to help prevent injuries from the start including employee training, management involvement across all levels, and incident reporting. The company pursues all opportunities that can improve and enhance workplace safety while consistently monitoring site activity to recognize potential hazards.

“Our number one safety goal is for each teammate to be an expert in identifying risks and working incident free,” said safety coordinator Shawn Cornett. “We’ve taken the focus off incidents and instead emphasize identifying risks which has contributed to our impressive safety record which is only possible through our teammate’s combined efforts and dedication to working safely.”

The Nucor Building Systems Texas division has been a VPP STAR site since 2013, which is the top honor recognizing workplace safety and health by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Ron Fox, General Manager added, “Throughout all of Nucor, nothing is more important than safety. Our greatest asset is our teammates and we work continuously to take care of them. I am very proud of our team’s ownership of the number one safety goal and their commitment to continuously look out for one another. I am proud of this 10-year accomplishment, but what matters most is that our teammates come to work and leave work safely every single day, and that we continue to grow in our expertise of identifying risk and working incident free at work, home, and the communities where we live.”