PPG today announced the availability of comprehensive building information modeling (BIM) materials for its architectural and metal coatings through a new partnership with BIMSMITH, a leading cloud platform for architects and designers.

The partnership enables designers to use PPG’s architectural and metal coatings alongside exterior components in AUTODESK REVIT and other leading architectural design applications, adding efficiency and intelligence to a building’s design and maintenance.

The new PPG BIM materials include PPG DURANAR coatings, which are known around the world for exceptional durability and performance. Combining 70 percent PVDF resins with proprietary PPG resin and pigment technologies, PPG Duranar coatings are designed to retain their color and gloss through decades of environmental exposure.

PPG also offers more than 70 architectural coatings from the PPG PAINTS brand on the BIMsmith platform, including MANOR HALL paint, SPEEDHIDE paint and BREAK-THROUGH! paint.

“Architects have chosen PPG Duranar coatings and other PPG innovations for their architectural and metal coatings for decades,” said Scott Moffatt, PPG market manager, architectural coil and extrusion coatings. “With easy access to BIM data, they now can incorporate PPG coatings more efficiently and effectively into the design process.”

“PPG is recognized around the world for its expertise in architectural and metal coatings,” said Benjamin Glunz, chief executive officer, BIMsmith. “The BIMsmith team is excited to be a part of this significant new offering for architects everywhere.”

PPG BIM materials can be downloaded for free at market.bimsmith.com/ppg-coatings. For more information about PPG’s full line of metal coatings, visit www.ppgmetalcoatings.com, call 1-800-258-6398 or follow PPG on LinkedIn. To view the full PPG Paints brand BIM library, visit ppgpaints.com.