The Metal Construction Association (MCA) published a design guide, “Retrofit Metal Roofing,” a culmination of practical knowledge and expertise by five of MCA’s member companies that manufacture products related to retrofit metal roof systems. To download the 140-page document, visit

The manual provides the latest code-compliant and market-ready materials, methods and best practices to re-roof buildings using metal roofing and light-gauge steel framing systems.

“As metal roof systems are being increasingly used to replace or re-roof over the top of conventional roofing systems, it’s more important than ever for building owners, managers, design professionals and contractors to understand how these systems work, and the advantages over other re-roofing methods,” said Mark James, chairman of MCA’s retrofit council and marketing consultant at Lutz, Fla.-based Roof Hugger LLC.

Chapters are dedicated to market history, fundamentals, applications, framing systems, assembly details, metal roofing systems, and energy savings. Detailed illustrations show where fully integrated solar hot air and water as well as power generation photovoltaic equipment are being incorporated into new metal roof systems.

The implementation of retrofit metal framing systems began in the late 1970s. These systems, called sloped build-up systems, offered design professionals several options ranging from low-slope functional systems for discharge or diversion of roof rainwater, to steep-slope architectural applications.

“Re-roofing with metal makes even more sense with the current focus on energy savings through efficiency upgrades and the use of renewable energy technologies in the building envelope,” James said.
MCA acknowledged contributions to the manual from Allentown, Pa.-based ATAS International Inc., Houston-based MBCI, Bossier City, La.-based McElroy Metal, Louisville, Ky.-based Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp. and Roof Hugger.