rheinzink advanced training


Key RHEINZINK installers recently attended an advanced training workshop aimed at increasing knowledge and skill in fabrication and detailing techniques. The three-day session was led by Lou Rondeau, RHEINZINK America’s National Applications Training Manager, and Andre Schwabe, Trainer from RHEINZINK’s parent company in Germany.

RHEINZINK offers several individual training courses that provide hands-on instruction in the installation of RHEINZINK roofing, façade and gutter systems. “We cover zinc theory and common application practices in every workshop in order to give the participant a good working knowledge of zinc using industry standard details,” Rondeau said. “The installers gain a better understanding of the craftsmanship that can be achieved with zinc in order to make their projects really distinctive.”

For more information on RHEINZINK or to inquire about attending a workshop, call (781) 729-0812 or visit www.rheinzink.us.