Improving Wind Uplift on Metal Roofs is a new AIA continuing education course, developed by S-5! and MBCI to help architects discover the art and science of wind control and wind uplift on metal roofs and metal structures.

This is a 1 Hour AIA Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) Learning Unit course. It offers architects the opportunity to learn about wind uplift requirements, testing and proper wind mitigation specification techniques as well as metal roof options and accessories to improve wind uplift characteristics.

Architects and firms requesting a presentation of this course will learn about:

  • Current wind uplift tests and how they are performed.
  • Wind uplift ratings, wind zones and specific wind uplift requirements.
  • Specific metal roof products, panel profiles and applications that perform best for wind uplift.
  • Methods and accessories to improve wind uplift characteristics for metal roofs.
  • Wind control value engineering techniques and refer to project specific examples.
  • The proper selection and specification techniques of wind-rated roofs and accessories to meet uplift requirements.

Keith Lipps, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for S-5!, described the course as being critical for all design professionals to understand how wind forces act on a structure. “This is an exceedingly critical topic for projects being designed in high wind areas, especially those structures that are being built in tornado and hurricane prone regions,” Lipps says.

The course can be scheduled as a live presentation through S-5!. Call 1-888-825-3432 or email for more information.