Twinsburg, Ohio-based Technoform announced Gabriel Louthan completed training and passed testing for the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Certified Simulator program, becoming the company’s third certified simulator, with Stephen Aki and Bart Hensley.

Louthan and Aki are based in Oregon, and Hensley in Tennessee. The certified associates provide Technoform’s North American customers with NFRC-certified simulations to support research and development of innovative façade, cladding and fenestration systems.

Aki said, “We are pleased to offer our customers these simulations as part of our ongoing services. We regularly provide thermal simulations, R&D support, assembly assistance, and engineering review. Technoform takes care to individualize each customer’s experience to best suit their needs from product design through production.”

The training helps participants gain an understanding of heat transfer modeling software, which includes THERM, WINDOW, OPTICS and CMAST, RESFEN and COMFEN. In addition, they become familiar with the Spectral data library and learn how to apply simulations for U-factors, solar heat gain coefficients, visible transmittance and condensation resistance factors.
Aki said, “We congratulate [Louthan] in earning this industry-leading certification. It’s really important that the three of us at Technoform are able to possess this knowledge and provide this service.”

Stephen Aki

Bart Hensley

Gabriel Louthan