The International Code Council launched a new website for the ICC Military Families Career Path Program, which helps veterans who are transitioning to civilian life and their family members learn more about building safety career options.
Over the next 15 years, the building industry will experience a loss of 80 percent of the existing skilled workforce. This is a tremendous opportunity for veterans looking for a job after military service as the building safety professions include a broad range of jobs such as building and plumbing inspectors, plans examiners and administrators. Individuals who enter the military develop skill sets ideally suited to the building safety industry–attention to detail, a strong work ethic, technical knowledge, teamwork and a drive to protect their communities. Military family members often also have the necessary skills for the industry such as discipline, organization and commitment to a cause.
“The Code Council staff, members and partners are extremely grateful for the sacrifices the service members and their families have made to keep us safe,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “Through partnerships with a variety of organizations including Soldier for Life, Marine for Life Network and the Department of Labor, we hope to bring more veterans into the building safety community and ensure their success after service.”
“This program was developed in close concert with our members, many of whom are military veterans themselves. In addition to offering veterans a variety of training and testing options, we provide basic information about the building safety industry, job postings and connections with local code professionals that have volunteered to help shepherd veterans through the process of finding a job,” said Code Council Board President Jay Elbettar, P.E., CBO, LEED AP, CASp.
Since 2016, the Code Council has been working closely with the military. The U.S. Department of Defense uses ICC’s International Building Code as a base document for the Unified Facilities Criteria for military construction. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs repays qualified veterans for the cost of ICC certification exams taken after January 2003 under the Montgomery G.I. Bill. In addition, the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) program has approved the ICC Commercial Building Inspector Certification as part of its career field program.
The ICC Military Families Career Path Program is part of Safety 2.0, the Code Council’s signature initiative to welcome a new generation of members and leaders to the building safety profession. To learn more about the program and connect with a code official in your area, visit or contact