The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) released a series of videos highlighting careers in the metal building systems industry. The 12 videos range from 40 seconds to about 2 minutes and are available on MBMA’s YouTube channel at

“The metal building systems industry is one of the largest providers of low-rise, commercial buildings in North America,” said MBMA general manager Tony Bouquot. “As such, the industry has a great demand for people in a wide range of jobs,” he continues. “These new videos are a great introduction to the people and careers that keep this industry growing.”

The first video in the series, “Metal Building Careers,” introduces viewers to a diverse array of job opportunities in the industry. Each video that follows looks at a specific career path from the perspective of someone performing that role.

In “I am a Project Clarifier,” Robert Taylor notes that he came to the metal building industry as an intern not knowing what he wanted. He shares, “Once I saw the buildings come together on our 3D programs, I instantly fell in love with it.” In his position as a project clarifier, Taylor works with customers to ensure the contract and scope of work are clear and can be met by the design and manufacturing team.

In “I am a Design Engineer,” Angela Kornegay expresses how much she enjoys the teamwork involved in her position and said it’s a great feeling being able to see a building go from paper to a completed project. Jason Pyle, who is featured in “I am a Roll Former Operator,” has been working in the metal building industry for 13 years. Pyle said he likes the hands-on, fast-paced nature of his job and that he gets to interact with colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures.

Other jobs profiled in the series include engineering manager, project estimator, roll former floater, material handler and various roles in project detailing.
“Whether you’re new to the workforce, looking for a career change or completing your military service, the metal building industry offers rewarding, exciting and innovative work options,” Bouquot said. “For more information about career path options in the metal building industry, send us an email at”