There are not many five-star rated apps currently available for contractors in the iTunes store. But Apple users, including user VicBravo269, have discovered the many ways Atlas Docs is transforming the way contractors do business and have given the Atlas Roofing app this high honor.


What Is Atlas Docs?

Atlas Docs is a FREE app in the iTunes store that gives contractors immediate access to Atlas product marketing and technical materials, manuals, images, brochures, video, and web resources. And best of all, Atlas Docs is always up-to-date as long as users have a mobile data or WiFi connection.

User Roofing101 sums up the app well in his iTunes review stating, “All my sales tools are with me at all times. Couldn’t be easier to use and I don’t need to bring all my literature with me. I can also email anything off this app which really comes in handy.” In a time where technology is an imperative to every business, Atlas Docs is everything you need to do the job and can be held in the palm of your hand.


Why Would A Contractor Want to Use Atlas Docs?

The app has a variety of tools to help contractors stay organized, as the entire Atlas Roofing catalog of commercial and residential building product information is available with the swipe of a finger. Reviewed by user Top Roofing Contractor, “Let me tell you, it has everything you need to close more jobs and make more money. I can easily access all types of information like literature on all of Atlas Roofing’s products and email them to potential customers. This app is a must have.” In addition to product information, marketing tools, such as images and logos, are also available on the app.

In addition to materials available, Atlas Docs simplifies the way contractors do business with the Shingle Visualizer. Contractors take a picture of a customer’s home with an iPad®, and then that picture can be used to swipe through the different available shingle styles and colors. The customer will see their actual home with the roof of their liking…before a contractor even climbs on their roof.

Atlas Docs has a database of CAD drawings, MSDS sheets, data sheets, and specifications, all of which can be sent to anyone in the world via email. Contractors, architects, and specifiers have convenient access to all of Atlas Roofing’s online tools and resources.


Where Can I Get Atlas Docs?

Atlas Roofing takes pride in creating the best tools to help architects, contractors, and homeowners alike. Atlas Docs is a favorite among contractors and is a must-have app. Visit Atlas Roofing for more information and then download this free app via the iTunes store today.