Beloit, Wis.-based ABC Supply Co. Inc. launched myABCsupply, an app for mobile devices to view the status of orders and deliveries, including delivery photos.

“One of our customers’ top priorities is the ability to check the status of their jobsite deliveries in real time,” said Kathy Hendricks, executive director of customer connectivity at ABC Supply. “MyABCsupply meets that need by providing detailed order and delivery information at their fingertips.”

Functions incluce:

View product descriptions and quantities.

Filter orders by date range, order type and order status.

View a map of the day’s delivery locations.

“We are committed to making it easier for our customers to do business,” said Mike Jost, chief operating officer at ABC Supply. “First, with ABC Connect, and now with myABCsupply, we will continue to find ways to help them run their projects more efficiently.”
The myABCsupply app is available at app stores, and for download at