Minneapolis-based Apogee Enterprises Inc.’s Apogee Renovation corporate initiative published a white paper, “Window replacement: Unrealized benefits to building owners,” that addresses opportunities and benefits, case studies, and considerations regarding energy payback, fossil fuel savings equivalents, code compliance, incentives and credits. It includes a renovation specification checklist, thermal imaging comparisons and an energy study example. To download the white paper, visit www.apogeerenovation.com/apogee-renovation/resources.

In addition to heightened sustainability standards, building owners are also faced with the challenge of ensuring occupant comfort and productivity while minimizing maintenance and energy costs, said Kevin Robbins, director at Apogee Renovation. “New, high-performance window systems offer significant energy savings, while delivering occupant comfort to ultimately enhance tenant satisfaction and lower vacancy rates. Furthermore, there are opportunities to improve building and occupant safety, such as blast hazard mitigation and electronic eavesdropping protection.”
The case studies included in the white paper give insight into the breadth of Apogee Renovation’s services and solutions and the opportunity to deliver significant value for a wide range of building types. “Evaluating existing building conditions, establishing clear goals and aligning expectations for renovation will help building and property managers maximize the benefits of window system upgrades,” Robbins said.