Firestone Building Products Co. LLC announced 256 firms in the United States, Canada and Mexico that achieved the 2015 Master Contractor Award. These top contractors have proven their excellence in installation, quality of work and customer service. Collectively, they installed more than 300 million square feet of warranted Firestone Building Products roofing systems in 2014.

The Master Contractor Program presents three distinct industry honors annually: the Master Contractor Award, Inner Circle of Quality Award and President’s Club Award. The Platinum Council Award is bestowed biyearly.


Master Contractor Award

Master Contractor Award recipients are selected based on the total square footage installed and quality points accumulated for outstanding inspection ratings on systems covered by the Firestone Building Products Red Shield Warranty. Those include: RubberGard EPDM, UltraPly TPO, asphalt and metal roofing systems.

Master Contractors are also eligible to earn points in the sustainability category. The program recognizes Firestone Building Products’ SkyScape Vegetative Roof System, PLATINUM PV Program and SunWave Daylighting System.

To meet the award requirements, contractors must complete a minimum of eight Red Shield warranted jobs in 2014 and earn a Preferred Quality Incidence Rating (QIR) that did not exceed three times the average QIR for Red Shield Licensed Roofing Contractors. QIR is determined by the annual number of quality incidents per million square feet of roofing under warranty.


Inner Circle of Quality Award

Master Contractors are eligible for the Inner Circle of Quality Award by installing a minimum of eight warranted Firestone Building Products roofing systems in 2014 and four roofs per year for each of the prior four years; maintaining at least 2 million square feet of Firestone Building Products roofs under warranty; and achieving an annual Quality Incidence Rating (QIR) of 1.25 or less.


President’s Club Award

Firestone Building Products recognizes the top 34 Master Contractors with the President’s Club Award. Master Contractors earning this prestigious designation have accrued the highest number of quality points for superior inspection ratings and total square footage of Firestone Building Products Red Shield warranted roofing system installations during the past year.


Platinum Council Award

The Platinum Council Award recognizes those contractors significantly exceeding the minimum points needed to qualify for the Master Contractor Award and consistently demonstrating outstanding performance over a two-year period, placing them among the top 32 contractors for that time.

“At Firestone Building Products, we are committed not only to optimizing the roof and building envelope, but recognizing top-tier firms for their success and dedication to achieving maximum facility performance,” said Tim Dunn, president of Firestone Building Products. “Master Contractor Program honorees are among our most valuable partners in the commercial roofing industry.”

This year’s Master Contractor, Inner Circle of Quality, President’s Club and Platinum Council awards presentations will be held Feb. 15 – 18 in Hollywood, Fla.


Please visit the Firestone Building Products website for a complete listing of Master Contractors: