Knight Wall Systems announced the company has installed a custom rollforming line at its eastern Washington manufacturing facility, according to company president Doug Knight.

“Bringing our rollforming operations in-house will enable us to manufacture components with minimal waste, and also offer custom lengths creating less jobsite scrap,” Knight said. “It will also shorten lead times and give us the ability to ramp-up framing production to meet demand.”

The new rollforming line will enable all of Knight’s standard engineered rainscreen components to be formed out of multiple gauges, in both coated steel and stainless steel, with fast-track delivery to job sites. Custom parts will still be accommodated for projects requiring specially engineered systems and parts.

“The introduction of custom lengths can provide labor efficiencies in the field by reducing the number of cuts required,” Knight said. “If a job requires 8-foot girts and the supplier ships standard 10-foot lengths, that’s a lot of cutting at the jobsite-especially if you have 1,000 girts in the façade. We take that labor out of the equation.”