The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has updated its Specification Guides for Metal Composite Material (MCM), for 4mm and 6mm/8mm MCM systems respectively. Both documents are downloadable at

Each of the new guides defines performance criteria for MCM panels, installation systems, and system fabricators in a single document. The specifications define performance criteria for the MCM systems based on the latest International Building Codes (IBC) and performance standards developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). They provide installation criteria for the installer and assurances of quality to the designer.

“Our goal is to keep fabricators, designers and installers up to date on the guidelines and specifications for MCM systems, so buildings built with MCM meet the highest standards,” says Karl Hielscher, MCA’s Executive Director.

Metal Composite Material (MCM) is defined as two sheets of aluminum sandwiching a solid core of extruded thermoplastic material formed in a continuous process with no glues or liquid adhesives between dissimilar materials. The core material must be free of voids and/or air spaces and not contain foamed insulation material. The MCM systems include MCM, joints, attachment system components and others materials appropriate for the design of the project to provide a weather-resistant exterior cladding system.