Two leading building companies have joined forces to provide central Ohio an expanded market of versatile, high quality building options. MCR Services Inc. and Butler Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of custom engineered building systems, are partnering to broaden the building alternatives available for commercial, retail and industrial projects in the Central Ohio area. “Our partnership with Butler gives us the flexibility we need to serve our clients better,” says Wade Hungerford, founder and president of MCR services. “With their extensive product line, we can provide our customers with nearly any type of building, and we can do it faster and more effectively than ever before.”

MCR has been a strong player in the local construction industry since 1995, with a mixed portfolio of commercial, residential, and industrial development work. In order to be certified as an authorized Butler builder, MCR’s staff had to undergo extensive training in the Butler systems. “We don’t let just anybody be a Butler builder,” says Tom Gilligan, president of Butler Manufacturing. “We need to be able to trust that our builders will carry on our reputation for quality and customer service. MCR is a great fit for us, because they share our values and have a proven track record of quality and service in the Columbus area.”

Butler Manufacturing has long been the premier name in metal building construction industry. Their building systems go far beyond the metal box buildings that dominate the commercial landscape. Everything is pre-engineered to fit together before it arrives on-site, making construction faster and producing substantially less waste. Additionally, the buildings are made of recycled steel and manufactured to exacting standards, creating a more sustainable building option while saving on energy and operating costs for the life of the building. “Seventy percent or more of your total cost of ownership for a building is operating costs,” says Gilligan. “We build energy efficiency into the design of our buildings, so they are greener and more efficient to operate. And when it’s time for the building to come down, all that steel can be recycled once again.”

“We are thrilled to offer the entire Butler line of products to our customers in the Central Ohio area,” says Hungerford. “Our goal is to be able to sit down with our customers and find ways that we can help them save time and money on their construction projects, while still meeting or exceeding all of their expectations for the finished building. Butler building systems give us a great alternative for many of our clients. With Butler, we know there truly is ‘Quality. Built in.'”