Plyco’s new Complete Slide Door Packages for the company’s 1-1/2-inch and 3-1/2-inch systems are available in 79 sizes to meet any slide door size.

The Plyco 1-1/2-inch complete SDR1600 package is designed for easy assembly for standard size openings and combines all components needed to assemble single slide doors up to 144 square feet, or double doors for 288 square foot openings.

The Plyco 3-1/2-inch complete SDR1635 is designed for larger sliding door applications, with heavy duty components to handle rigorous use for an array of building applications. The SDR1635 package combines all components to assemble heavy duty slide doors of 256 square feet or double doors for 576 square foot openings.

Complete Slide Door Packages are available with Ply-Trac or Combo in five popular colors. All are packaged for quick ordering and quick shipping, with all the components needed for common-sized openings.