Sheffield Village, Ohio-based Sheffield Metals International is offering six new American Institute of Architects (AIA) approved Nano courses. Each course is 15 minutes of video and written content related to metal roof and wall panel systems. Topics include:

  • Metal material types
  • Warranties for metal panel systems
  • Standing seam versus exposed fastener panels
  • Galvalume versus galvanized metal
  • Clips and cleats
  • Underlayment

The courses are digitally hosted on the Sheffield Metals website. The courses are AIA-approved learning modules and participants can earn 0.25 Learning Units relevant to HSW (Health, Safety, and Welfare) per completed Nano course for AIA members and nonmembers. To receive learning unit credit, online attendees must score 100% on a three-question quiz following the course.

Additionally, Sheffield Metals’ architectural department is offering the same courses as in-person programs covering the same topics for architects, designers, specification writers and project managers.
“Everyone today is maxed out being inundated with emails and meetings, so the option to choose a time-sensitive method of professional advancement is key for us,” said Lori Reynolds Morrow, architectural project manager at Sheffield Metals. “Our AIA CES Nano courses may be accessed as an online study or delivered in-person. It’s 100% your call. And even better, you can select any four of them, and then you have your 1 LU/HSW covered.”

Attendees receive a certificate of completion, have their attendance recorded at AIA and receive LU/HSW credit applied on their records. The course is also applicable to state mandatory continuing education licensure. To register, visit