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Steel Buildings are affordable, convenient, strong, low maintenance, sustainable, recyclable and energy-efficient structures, making them a viable eco-friendly solution.

Modernized manufacturing processes have made steel processing very low-emission, in most cases zero emission! Most modern steel products are made from a large percentage of recycled materials, and remain a recyclable material. Steel retains its strength and integrity throughout the recycling process. When your (already) recycled steel building is finally finished serving its purpose, all of the steel components are fully recyclable and will not end up in a landfill! Steel is the most recycled material in North America, leading it to be one one of the most sustainable materials used in the construction industry.

Water used in the manufacturing process is fully recyclable as well, leaving no long-term effect on the environment.

Prefabricated building components and simple erection methods keep build times, costs and energy consumption lower on the job site. Proper planning also leads to very little production waste. This leads to less drain on society and the economy.

Steel’s strength and durability requires less renovations and repairs than other frequently used building materials. Steel is extremely durable and resistant to common issues such as fire, mold, insects and weather! This decreases the impact on the environment, as well as decreasing the impact on your long-term budget.

Steel’s strength and durability allows for a very wide range of insulation values and options for your building. This keeps your immediate heating and cooling costs low, while decreasing the energy drain on society and environment.

Conclusion: Steel is a sustainable and eco-friendly resource. It is strong and durable, making it an ideal material for roofing, structural supports and building façades.

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